This channel discusses shipping, logistics, and supply chains. Get expert advice from world leaders in logistics and supply chain management. Use these excellent resources for quality content that spans the logistics and shipping industry.

Logistics UK

The Freight Transport Association has changed its name to Logistics UK, and it is currently one of the biggest trade associations in Europe. Members of the association adhere to trade laws and regulations. The association aims to promote critical services via road, rail, air, and sea. Follow news on the Logistics UK site to see how companies collaborate.

More Than Shipping

Experts in the shipping industry offer their advice on trends and the shipping of international cargo. This is a great news resource channel for people working in supply chains, shipping, and logistics. It focuses on the latest innovations and technologies in the industry and gives a broad perspective on how supply chains and logistics function.

Department for Transport UK

Learn about new road networks, aviation, transportation projects, railways, and more by following the latest articles on the website. This government channel provides businesses inside and outside the UK with the most updated news and information affecting road users and transport.

Shipping Topics Blog

The blog includes guidelines from leading companies in the field of logistics and shipping. It investigates regulations and innovations by conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders. This is an excellent resource for individuals that operate in the shipping or logistics industry. The channel also shares insightful revenue data for logistics companies.

Urban Transport

Get an in-depth guide to logistical services, shipping laws, urban strategies, transport planning, and supply chain management. This textbook focuses on transport in growing urban areas. Readers can read about government policies and legislation. Find out how government politics affect public transport and delivery systems.

Intelligent Transport Blog

Read engaging topics concerning commercial transportation and logistics. This compelling blog is for anyone interested in the transportation or delivery industry. The articles offer a compelling insight into the transport industry from an expert’s perspective. Follow interviews and read about challenges in the logistics that are facing the industry.

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